The truth about hearing aid prices, and how to save 87%.

The average pair of hearing aids in 2021 will run about $4600, but you may be surprised to learn that typically less than half of that price is for the hearing devices themselves. Perhaps one of the most sneakiest aspects of hearing aid pricing is a practice called “bundling.” Rather than getting a separate price for the hearing and the services, roughly 68% of hearing aid dispensers or audiologists bundle the prices together, making it difficult to distinguish how much you’re being charged for each.

The bundled services typically include the hearing aid fitting, custom earmolds, guidance and consultation, extra accessories, follow-up visits, maintenance, and Real Ear Measurement (which 70% of surveyed audiologists admit to not even doing routinely). While it’s true there are many patients who do need the complete hand-holding package, there are also countless others who are happy with an initial fitting and maybe a return visit for adjustment, and then never return.

Can’t I just buy a new or used hearing aid online without buying all these services?

The problem with buying new hearing aids online is that they cost almost as much as going to the audiologist (sometimes even more), and you don’t even get the most of the services! Some of them may not even be authorized dealers, and you might run into trouble if trying to get a warranty processed.

Used hearing aids are even worse, as it will be difficult to find an audiologist who will even agree to program them for you. Even if they do agree, you might get sticker shocked as they try to steer you towards a new device. To make matters worse, if you bring used hearing aids into their office, they’ll run the serial numbers to see if they have been previously reported stolen, in which case they’d be obligated to confiscate them from you.

What about “hearing amplifiers”?

Hearing amplifiers are a class of personal sound amplification products, or PSAPs–devices marketed to amplify environmental sounds only. Though they’re not supposed to be marketed to help hearing loss, hearing impaired people seek them out anyway because of the considerably lower price. The problem is that everyone’s hearing loss is different. Hearing loss is not just a simple flat loss of volume. It can have a different type, shape, severity, and usually differs from ear to ear. Most PSAPs cannot possibly know your specific hearing loss, and will not come close to the performance of a finely tuned hearing aid.

How are EarSpoke hearing devices different?

Personalized hearing boost

Unlike generic “hearing amplifiers,” EarSpoke hearing devices will read your hearing signature through our app and then give you a personally optimized boost.

No appointment necessary

Analyze your hearing from the comfort of your own home for free by downloading our SoundWear app, available on Android or Apple (iOS).

Fully adjustable

Independently adjustable volume and program modes for different listening environments.

45-day Risk-FREE trial. If you’re not satisfied with the product for any reason, return it within 45 days for a full refund.

1-year warranty on all devices.


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