EarSpoke-BTE Hearing Amplifier Wireless Programmable Aid w/ Smart Phone App

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Ever wondered what your exact hearing thresholds are? Everyone’s hearing is different, and a generic boost across all frequencies is rarely a perfect fit. Introducing EarSpoke-BTE, the hearing amplifier that will read your personal hearing signature and then adapt itself to you. No more guesswork.

28 reviews for EarSpoke-BTE Hearing Amplifier Wireless Programmable Aid w/ Smart Phone App

  1. MiGUEL

    I love this hearing aid I haven’t been able to hear for years I have tinnitus and hearing loss from combat and works great.

  2. James D Brocious

    One of the two original hearing amplifiers would not connect. Amazon sent me 2 more even though I only needed 1. I returned the first two, and returned the replacements, and ordered 1 additional hearing amplifier.Earspoke has been great and it replaced a hearing aid I lost. It works very well.Since I lost my left hearing aid I replaced it with the earspoke and wear the right aid.The earspoke works as well as my original!

  3. Mugteeth

    I particularly like that I can make adjustments to the volume and sound quality using my smartphone. Upon entering a noisy room I can adjust my hearing assist to meet the changing needs. Effortless

  4. Howard Thomes

    A smaller footprint would be desirable

  5. Michael E.

    I have bought may things over the years here. This is the first time I felt compelled to write a review. The ‘hearing test’ and auto configure of the equalizer are outstanding! No ‘tin’y sound when the dog rattles his collar. Clear, crisp, outstanding. Battery life, very good. Just replaced it after 5 days of always on. From now on I’ll turn it off at night, just had to see how long it would last in hours.

  6. William E. Hourigan

    It has good sound quality and amplification without the annoying hissing and background over amplification you see with cheaper sound amplifiers. Comfortable to wear and good battery life. I don’t wear it all day as I only use it on my left ear. Often I sit in my solarium with my wife and she sits on my right and my left ear faces a wall. I have a cochlear implant on the right and I was concerned that there might be some crossover interference using the device. I have had absolutely no problem. The only thing that I don’t like is that the part that fits in the ear canal tends to back out and needs to be shoved back in. I would recommend this to anyone.

  7. Leonardo Dayon

    It’s a great product.

  8. Grandma

    I have worn hearing aids for a few year but lost one due to wearing a mask. I ordered these because the price was lower than what I initially paid for my hearing aids. I get a lot of feedback when I wear these and sometimes my granddaughter can hear it. If I turn them down so I don’t get feedback I can’t hear dialog. My voice also echos when I speak to anyone. I can’t tell the difference in the different modes. I wish these were smaller in size and worked like I thought they would. Save money by going to an audiologist. It may be more expensive but in the long run it will be better for your hearing. You can buy a cheap hearing amplifier at the drug store for $30.00.

  9. Mary L.

    I’ve worn hearing aids for years. I really liked the thought of being able to control the aid myself with my phone, at such a lower cost then going thru an audiologist. However, my hearing is evidently too far gone in the ear I wished to use it in. The volume was at 100% and I could barely hear. I do not fault the device for that. I also tried the larger sound tube which still didn’t add enough volume.I did try it in my better ear and it had plenty of volume. So I may have been able to use it for that ear if needed. However, 2 problems, first the battery compartment is extremely hard to open. I don’t see how some people could even manage it. Second, the app disconnected from my phone, though said it was connected. I had to tell the device to forget it and reconnect to my phone. Just wonder how many times that would happen.This may work well for some people with less of a hearing loss, but I’ll have to return mine.

  10. Brian

    First off — seek out a professional audiologist to understand your hearing loss. Then look at your budget like I did, and I quickly found out that It would be a while before I had $2000.00 dollars for leading brand hearing aids. I have low frequency loss in both ears, making it very difficult to hear male voices. I also have hearing loss the audiologist calla a “notch” in the high frequency spectrum. So I bought two of these instead. A “smart phone” is needed for initial setup and adjustment, most people have one, or know someone that has 15 minutes to help out. Pairing to the phone was like all paring, nothing tricky. The app is online and downloadable for free. You use the app and phone in a very quiet place to take your “hearing test” via the app, then the app sets up each hearing aid with the correction needed for your loss. I bought two hearing aids for right and left ear. The app allows you to “tweak” or tune each ear after the initial setup with the hearing test results. The hearing aids have built-in settings for environments that are known to be difficult to hear in; all around use, restaurants, traffic, and outdoors. The environment settings can be selected at any time with the button on each hearing aid. Do not be discouraged if hearing seems difficult in restaurants, as this is a serious challenge for all hearing aids. Hint, used the solid ear cups for low frequency loss, and the vented ones for high frequency loss. I have more low frequency loss than high, so I use the solid ear cups. My left ear is worse than my right ear, so the left hearing aid works harder, resulting in the battery life of the left ear being about 10 days and my right ear battery lasts about 13 days. I do power them off every night at bedtime so the battery is not in use while I sleep as they sit on the night stand. Your battery life will vary based on how the hearing aid has to perform to correct your particular hearing loss. There is one “con”, if you can call it a con, which is that you need the cell phone if you wish to increase then volume for one or both ears. However, when correctly tuned to your hearing loss you rarely have to adjust the volume. The “pro”, besides cost, is that you are in total control (with a smart phone) to make your own adjustments without having to go to an audiologist to “tweak” or tune the hearing aids — you do it when you feel like it, on your timeline, and without added cost of an office visit. Turn them off and they act like ear plugs in noisy environments, like when I ride my Harley, although they are not rated as earplugs its simply how it works. Overall I rate these as a 4, because I have experienced the performance of high quality expensive hearing aids that sound amazing, with a very high cost. I have been using these for a year now and do not regret the purchase. I would recommend these to anyone on a fixed income that requires a hearing loss solution. I no longer have to ask people to repeat what they just said, or have to have the TV screamingly loud to hear, which also makes my loved ones happy as well. At $299.00 each, these hearing aids scare the leading manufactures of $2000.00 hearing aids — and rightfully so.

  11. Kon

    Great product; but I need another one .. just one does not do the job. The product is good as a matter of fact just as good as one from a HA Vendor that was gonna cost me 3k ?? but I thought I could get away with one and cannot .. the app that goes with this is good and helpful. I sure wish it had bluetooth capabilities and music streaming too.. if so this product would give all the HA BIG NAME VENDORS a good bye bye now … huh?! What did y’all hear dat’?! ?

  12. John Mark Bruner

    They are close to the one I got at the clinic. Just don’t have them too loud. Good value for my ears.

  13. Bill

    I could not use. My Hearing lost was to severe

  14. Kindle Customer

    To help me improve my hearing in my classroom environment.

  15. leo a girouard

    good guality for the price .

  16. Bob Waterman

    Very easy to connect via Bluetooth and set up and easy to control the volume or change the mode all via my iPhone

  17. Lindar

    About 4 years ago we paid more than $4500 for a pair of hearing aids. We simply could not afford that again, and 85 year old hubby had had problems with being able to manage the tiny buttons. Sooo… I looked for smartphone enabled aids that didn’t cost as much. He is SO pleased.~ Not too difficult to put together, though we still haven’t figured out what some of the leftover bits are all about.~ App works great. Easily paired (be sure to open and close the battery gate just before pairing).~ Hubby can easily control modes and volume; app is easy.~ He loves being able to set the aids individually.~ He says they work BETTER than the expensive pair he had.~ I love not having to shout and am seriously considering a pair for myself.

  18. Mark Regiec

    What I like most about this hearing aide is the volume control from the smart phone. I waited 3 months write this review so I can give a fair. Also the App that goes with this hearing aide it works well, and simple to use. This is a lot cheaper than most hearing aides at dealership (like Bell Tone) So I think it great for somebody who looking for hearing aide for the first time. Not saying if you already have one and looking for hearing on a budget this can easily work and be satisfying.

  19. Gaines

    I have had this hearing amplifier for about a week now and have been impressed. The setup with the Soundwear app and the use of the app has been very easy. I did the hearing test and have the device optimized for that test. I really like being able to change the volume and mode on my phone when ever I want. This device makes making cell phone calls much better. I can wear it with my over the ear TV head phones and there is not feedback like I got with the in the ear amplifiers I bought previously. The actual sound quality when talking to my wife is still a bit tinny but acceptable. There seems to be more background noise that I expected but talking to one of my buddies with a pair of $6000 hearing aids, he says he has the same issue. Also he indicated that I’m hearing things that I haven’t heard in years. So the noise may be normal.I like it enough that I just ordered a second device for my right ear.

  20. gvpakshi

    Every thing is good about product. Battery consumption doest not last for long especially for the product supplied to me. Frequency response did not match my requirement because still some words could not be made out. Otherwise it is very good if it suits your condition. You can try it.

  21. Lonny Breisch

    Have for 5 days. Love this aid. Easy to setup and works very well. I turn off at night,the first battery is still working, will revue again in a week or so. Now 3to4 weeks ,all is well, battery lasting 6 to 7 days . Very nice aid.

  22. Lance

    Amazing little devices. With the use of an iPhone to tune them (other brands in this price range do not have this capability) they really improved my comprehension. You would be making a big mistake to buy a different brand. I did the hearing check and the phone app optimized (made louder) only the frequency I needed. The result is nothing seems too loud but suddenly I can understand voices. My wife is elated that I am not asking her constantly “What did you say?” The manufacturer, which is also the seller, included a nice array of earplugs and tubes.One thing, make sure you setup and open the app a good distance from any Bluetooth transmitter like a sound system. My sound bar signal interferes with the phone signal and the app will crash. Not a problem once you know and the stray Bluetooth signal does not interfere with the operation of the hearing aids.8 month update: still working fine. I can now listen to TV, go to the movies, and go to dinner with friends all without asking “What did they say?”

  23. Dan Hundley

    When adjusted right it works well. Forget I have it on sometimes.

  24. Walter Ripps

    I can’t wait to get another for my other ear. The one problem I have with mine is it is quite a struggle to open the battery compartment to turn the unit off at night. Its always an effort.At one time had the $3000 set of hearing aids. This unit shows what they could do if the protected hearing aid units that you buy from dealers could cost. Are the $3000 dollar unit ten times better. No They are no better. Your just paying an organization not spending on the product.

  25. Robert Wilson

    I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 15 years now, and after going on fixed income I started trying a lot of PSAPs (over the counter “hearing amplifiers”) but never could get anything that was as good as the fitted devices. If you’ve never worn hearing aids before, then you’ll probably want to know that they have to be fitted to you. The audiologist usually has to do a hearing test and then some programming. I’m actually surprised that this device will do the hearing check in the app and I don’t have to go in. The Optimize feature seems to do the job, and I love that I can adjust the frequencies after the fact. I’m using an old Samsung Galaxy S4 and everything works with the EarSpokes.I’m somewhat disappointed that it doesn’t stream phone calls to the device or music, but one can wish! My old hearing aids didn’t either.By the way, the app they have you download is called “Soundwear”. It works very well and connected instantly to my phone. The hearing check took about 3 minutes. You can change the mode and volume on your phone. I use it on Restaurant Mode most of the time.

  26. Susan Bailey

    I’ve been using this hearing aid for about a month now, and I love this product! The app is very easy to use. I finished the hearing check in 1 minute or so, and the difference was just amazing. My family says that I do not say “What?” anywhere near as much as I used to. I’m using the thin tube with the “magic” dome. It is very comfortable. The batteries last a decent time–about a week.

  27. Ken Heins

    General daily use and and in a school classroom that has ventilation noise. It cannot get rid of the room ventilation noise, but it would be unreasonable to expect that it could. It does a good job of helping me hear what I need to hear.

  28. scudrunner

    This is the absolutely best value for a hearing aid. I had lost my other hearing aid which cost $4,000 and when I found this one I was immediately surprised at the price. I thought it was one of those simple volume control types. Not so! After I received it and personally set the tones and volume to my comfort it worked just as good as the one from Miracle Ear. Knowledge is power and if you want to save the time and money, take it from me, just buy this one and use the extra money to treat your spouse!

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